ClickTime organizes everything around time tracking.

We develop solutions for all aspects of time recording, duty and shift planning, expense management, project time recording and performance recording as well as order planning and project resource planning. Specialised for companies in Switzerland.

What is ClickTime for?

ClickTime makes everyday work easier for you and your team thanks to its smart functions.

Time recording

The time recording for work and absences includes all functions that are necessary for the legal recording of working time. The different needs of small and large companies are taken into account as required when setting up the system.

Duty & shift planning

Plan the deployment of your employee teams for the coming weeks and months for the required presence times and deployment locations. Transfer the planned times to time recording. Employees receive the always up-to-date schedules and deployment information directly on their smartphone.

Order planning

The gardener, the carpenter, the plumber, the electrician, the cleaner, the painter, the heating fitter or the bricklayer - they all work for the customer and have to be scheduled efficiently. ClickTime supports crafts businesses in this process and combines job planning with professional time recording. Centrally planned and displayed on the employee's smartphone.

Time recording smartphone

Modern time recording with the ClickTime mobile app. Working time, absences and expenses are recorded quickly and easily. Holiday and overtime balances and duty rosters can also be displayed. All the necessary information for the timely fulfilment of customer orders appears in the order planning.

Integration and interfaces

Our modern system enables the simple exchange of information that is integrated into ClickTime from third-party systems or read into other systems from ClickTime. This enables you to achieve greater efficiency and a secure exchange of data. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities and useful areas of application.

Project and service recording

Our flexible project and service recording brings transparency and overview to the recorded hours and facilitates efficient cost control.

Timerecording with Tablet

ClickTime can also be easily accessed with the tablet. It can also be used as a simple clocking device to record employee attendance. Very suitable for small teams or changing locations.

Expense management

Our Expense management allows easy recording of expenses together with daily working hours. Either with the recording on the PC or on the smartphone.

Stamp clocks and terminals

With electronic time recording using a stationary time clock, employees' attendance times are simply recorded as they pass by.

Why ClickTime?


Transparent & clear

The recorded working times are immediately visible to all parties and bring transparency to time recording. The employee can view his times and balances at any time.


Simple & flexible

The simplicity of the application is close to our heart. We transform the individual requirements and extensive possibilities into simple processes and views.


Full cost control

We know simple and understandable usage fees and offer comprehensive and integrated support to achieve sustainable customer satisfaction.


Quick implementation

Our application is not only simple and easy to use, but the clear structure facilitates efficient management and rapid implementation of the system.


Online available at any time

Our solution is located in the cloud in Switzerland. It can therefore be used from anywhere and supports today's digital and location-independent way of working for companies.


Scalable for any size of company

ClickTime shows itself very simple and clear for small businesses or also comprehensive with many additional functions for companies with more complex requirements.

We will be happy to advise you or you can test our solution for 30 days.