Time recording functions that inspire.

ClickTime's time recording function makes everyday work easier for you and your team thanks to its smart time recording functions.


Time recording of work and absences

ClickTime provides you with a flexible time recording system for recording employees' working hours and absences. The system is suitable for simple conditions in SMEs but also for larger companies with higher requirements. Take a look at all the time recording functions.

  • Time recording on the PC
  • On the move with your smartphone, tablet
  • Stamping at the time recording terminal

Project and performance recording

Flexible time recording for projects, orders, construction sites, mandates, etc. This allows you to organise and keep track of your working hours. You can use it to monitor the post-calculation of orders, charge services to your customers or check your internal costs or allocate them to the cost units.

Fiduciary services

The trustee records his hours for invoicing to his customers. One or more projects can be created for a customer.


The production company records its hours on its orders, which are managed as projects in ClickTime.


The municipality records its hours in the depot for the various areas of work.


The architecture firm records its hours on its properties, which are managed as projects in ClickTime.


Duty and shift planning

Plan the deployment of your employee teams for the coming weeks and months for the required attendance times and locations. Transfer the planned times to the time recording system. Employees always receive the latest schedules and deployment information directly on their smartphone.

Order planning

Customer orders must be properly planned so that every employee is in the right place at the right time and the orders are completed on time. ClickTime facilitates this process with user-friendly order planning. Each employee receives their orders on their smartphone with all the information, images and plans for their assignment.


Mobile App

The needs and local conditions determine which devices are used to easily record working time. Different solutions are required depending on the place of work. Recording on a PC in the office, on the move on a smartphone or stationary with a terminal. All time recording functions are always available.

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Stamp clocks

With electronic working time recording using a stationary terminal, employees' attendance times are simply recorded as they pass by. The clock-in and clock-out times are registered on the device using a badge and automatically transmitted to our data centre via the mobile network.

A scanner can also be added to the terminal, which assigns the hours to the orders.

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Integration and interfaces

Various interfaces are available for the exchange of data, which can be flexibly customised to requirements. This allows ClickTime to be easily integrated into existing systems such as payroll systems or accounting/ERP systems.

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