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The gardener, the carpenter, the plumber, the electrician, the cleaner, the painter, the heating fitter or the bricklayer - they all work for the customer and have to be scheduled efficiently. ClickTime supports crafts businesses in this process and combines job planning with professional time recording. Centrally planned and displayed on the employee's smartphone.

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Order planning at a glance 


Order planning

In the order planning, simply assign the existing orders to the employees with drag and drop. Either on a weekly basis or in the monthly overview. Several orders can be scheduled at different times in one day. The orders can be copied or moved within the calendar or the employees as required.


Planning groups

Divide your employees into different teams or work groups. This allows them to be planned by different planners or facilitates the planning of different categories of employees. An employee can also be planned in more than one group. 


Recording work orders 

One or more work orders can be entered within a project. These contain various additional information such as address, location, contact, work description, etc. This information is in turn made available to the employee on the smartphone. 


Planning support

The work orders also contain some process information, such as status, priority or planning period, in order to schedule the order efficiently and track the progress of the work. This information can be created individually depending on the operation. 


Planning on the smartphone 

The employee sees his scheduled orders every day and can also call up the order information on his smartphone. If necessary, he can also record information or pictures about the order and save them directly in the order. 

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If there are recurring jobs to be done, checklists can also be used. These are created as a template and can be used for different jobs. Of course, these can be customized again individually in each job depending on the requirements.

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Weekly planning
Monthly planning
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Planning on the smartphone

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