Project and service recording

Our flexible project and service recording brings transparency and overview to the recorded hours and facilitates efficient cost control.

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Project and service recording

In project and service recording, the hours worked are either recorded directly on a project or the attendance time and the project times are recorded separately. This depends on the individual processes in the company to make it as simple as possible for the employees. 

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Multilevel recording 

It is possible to divide the hours into a structure of maximum 3 levels. The top level is the project. This is optionally supplemented with divisions and activities. Individual projects are in turn combined into groups in order to evaluate them as a whole.  

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Hourly rates

Optionally, internal and external hourly rates are assigned to employees, projects, divisions or activities on the time axis. This simplifies the billing of services and the creation of flexible evaluations.  

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User groups

With the creation of one or more user groups you control the access of the employees to the projects. In this way, you simplify handling and reduce errors during entry. Employees can also be assigned directly to a project.  

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When services are charged on, the control of the chargeability of the services plays an important role. In ClickTime the chargeability is controlled on the recording type, the project and on the activity. We distinguish between internal and external values in order not to change the personal hours of the employee. 


Expenses, products 

Expenses and product positions can also be recorded on projects in order to be able to evaluate or invoice them together with the hours. 


Option project billing

Project invoices are used for billing hours worked to customers or for internal control. This gives you an overview of the charged costs at any time. The hours worked can also be printed out as an invoice.


Option project budget

With the possibility to enter project budgets, you keep control over the planned and already worked hours in a project, order, construction site etc.. In doing so, the budgets are assigned to levels and employees as required in order to obtain an individual overview of the hours. 

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Connection to third party systems 

Depending on the volume of data, it makes sense for ClickTime to transfer the project data from the ERP or to write back the recorded hours for billing or post-calculation. In doing so, automatic interfaces can be set up, especially for project opening. Direct Jira connection is also supported here. 

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Project report
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Budget recording

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