Project planning

Die langfristige Planung von Projekten erfordert eine übersichtliche und einfache Planung. Damit wird sichergestellt, dass die notwendigen Ressourcen zum richtigen Zeitpunkt verfügbar sind. Insbesondere personelle Ressourcen mit den notwendigen Kompetenzen müssen gezielt eingeplant werden, damit ein kosteneffizienter Einsatz gewährleistet wird.

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Project planning overview


Project planning on a monthly basis

Projects can be planned over several months. What is important here is not the exact accuracy of the planning for individual days, but the long-term planning and availability of the necessary resources such as employees, etc. Not only are the employees scheduled, but the available budget is also planned accordingly.


Allocation of employees to projects

The necessary employees and competences are assigned to each project so that they can then be scheduled. The availability of employees is always kept in view so that any overloads or availabilities are visible at all times.


Complete planning view

The planning work is carried out entirely from a clear planning view, so that a simple overview of the projects and employees is available and can be planned with just a few clicks.


Planning on two levels

Larger and more complex projects can be planned not only at project level but also at sub-project level or phase. This makes it easier to structure the planning overview and the resources used.


Time recording for projects

Just as the projects are planned, the hours used on the project can also be recorded so that a forecast can be created to show existing delays.

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Project evaluations

The existing standard project analyses can be used to evaluate the work performed and record budget variances.

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Project planning

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