The right planning for every business

Depending on the industry, you may need a duty schedule or a shift plan if you want to plan the attendance of your employees.

However, if you have customer orders that are carried out externally by your employees, then you need order planning.

For long-term projects, however, it is again a rough project resource planning in order to be able to plan the necessary employee resources in the planned months.

ClickTime definitely has the right planning tool for your company.

Dienst- und Schichtplanung

Duty and shift planning

Plan the work of your employee teams for the coming weeks and months for the required attendance times and locations. Transfer the planned times to the time recording system. Employees always receive the latest schedules and deployment information directly on their smartphone.

Order planning

Customer orders must be properly planned so that every employee is in the right place at the right time and the orders are completed on time. ClickTime facilitates this process with user-friendly order planning. Each employee receives their orders on their smartphone with all the information, images and plans for their assignment.


Project planning

When you are working on long-term projects, resource planning is often the biggest challenge. Do you have the right employees available at the right time so that the agreed deadlines can be met? We provide you with a simple but effective planning tool so that you can answer this question easily.

We would be happy to advise you or you can test our solution for 30 days.